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Signal Your Love

The desktop app allows to display statistics of your Signal Desktop chats. The app is ideal for long-distance couples, friends, and anyone who wants to cherish their chat history with essential people.

Your conversation history never leaves your computer. The app works offline with your local Signal Desktop database. No data is sent to us. If you are interested in technical details, please, read this article.

The Signal Desktop app must be installed. The Signal Your Love app can only read messages that are present in Signal Desktop.

Signal Your Love - Display statistics of your signal desktop chats | Product Hunt

The idea for the app started as a simple question from my long-distance girlfriend, "I am curious how many messages we sent each in the last year on Signal?". Now we can look back and celebrate our chat history. I hope you will also find the Signal Your Love app helpful in celebrating the relationships you have.


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Glance at your chat statistics for free.

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